Innovative startups receive additional support

SwissEF has been at the forefront of support measures for startups for the past three weeks. Together with other key players and personalities from the startup scene, efforts were made through all possible channels to find an effective and helpful solution. The Federal Council has now approved a support program worth CHF 154 million.

Innovative startups are an important factor in the success of the Swiss economy. To date, however, startups have had little or even no access to the Confederation's existing emergency aid. Therefore, as a supplement to the federal COVID-19 credits and cantonal support measures, the Confederation is planning to use the system of guarantees to shield startups from coronavirus-related insolvency.

In a constructive exchange with the FDF and EAER, we were able to help find good and effective support for startups. We are proud of this and are very happy. The official text of the measures adopted can be found in the Federal Government's press release. SECO will now lay the practical criteria by 30 April and then communicate the results.