Launch of the Swiss Entrepreneurs & Startup Association (SWESA)

Following the founding of the Parliamentary Group on Startups and Entrepreneurship by National Councillors Judith Bellaiche and Andri Silberschmidt, the Swiss Entrepreneurs & Startup Association (SWESA) was launched today in Berne. The new association is intended to significantly strengthen political work to improve the framework conditions for startups and innovative SMEs.

Bern, 10 March 2020 – The Swiss Entrepreneurs & Startup Association (SWESA) is committed to improving the operating conditions for innovative SMEs and startups. The newly founded association aims to represent all companies and institutions that want to protect Switzerland’s supportive economic policy framework and make it even better. The focus will primarily be on the specific challenges faced by innovative SMEs and technology-driven startups. 

Matters concerning members will as a priority be brought before parliament by the recently established Parliamentary Group on Startups and Entrepreneurship, under the co-presidency of national councillors Judith Bellaiche and Andri Silberschmidt. SWESA is also tasked with stepping up direct cooperation with SECO. Its other duties are participating in consultation procedures and monitoring relevant procedural requests and initiatives.

The political process is often time-consuming and complex, which is why having a continuous flow of information is extremely important. The association wants to achieve transparency within its remit, keeping members informed about political developments as simply, clearly and promptly as possible.

«As with athletes, innovative startups can flourish and become success stories when the conditions are right
Marc Maurer, COO, On Running 

SWESA, which has no political affiliations, is headquartered in Bern and was founded on the initiative of the Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation, which will provide executive management. The board is made up of well-known personalities, including Lea von Bidder (Ava), Déborah Heintze (Lunaphore Technologies), Marc Maurer (On Running) and Karim Maizar (Kellerhals Carrard). 

Are you interested in a membership? We look forward to hearing from you.