SwissEF UpScaler and Shaper

SwissEF UpScaler

The start-up growth programme with experienced experts and entrepreneurs.

Tailor-made team of experts
Through the intensive support of a tailor-made team of experienced entrepreneurs and experts and a focused support programme, the start-up in the SwissEF UpScaler programme quickly makes the necessary progress with its relevant success factors.

The start-up is in the growth phase and wants to scale to the international markets.

360 degree analysis
The SwissEF UpScaler programme starts with a 360 degree strategy analysis. A plan of action and measures is drawn up for the weaknesses and the relevant success factors.

UpScaler cycle
With the support of a personal team of experts, the objectives are pursued, reviewed on a monthly basis and possible approaches are developed in joint workshops.

The SwissEF UpScaler program is result-oriented and the start-up has monthly goals to achieve. If the goals are repeatedly missed, the start-up loses the qualification for the SwissEF UpScaler programme.

The most important information about the program summarized on two pages (PDF).
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SwissEF Shaper

The instrument to improve the economic policy framework conditions for start-ups.

Identifying needs
Within the framework of the SwissEF Shaper, the needs for improving the framework conditions are identified in cooperation with the top performers of the Swiss start-up scene.

Prioritising action
SwissEF prioritises the need for action based on the urgency, the existing potential and the possibility of successful implementation.

Realising projects
Selected projects are initiated and implemented by SwissEF in cooperation with the Swiss Entrepreneurs & Startups Association SWESA and the parliamentary group Startups and Entrepreneurship.


«Growth and success in international markets are key to successful Swiss entrepreneurship»

«Becoming a successful entrepreneur is a lot like being a world-class surfer. You have to pick a good wave, catch it at the right time and get off before it closes out.»